3 Benefits to Using a Bong to Smoke Cannabis

 3 Benefits to Using a Bong to Smoke Cannabis


Bongs have existed for longer than we realise – in every shape and size, each with its own benefit. The way we use bongs has also evolved with time with the advancement of new water filtration systems. Other than a vaporizer, smoking from a bong is thought to be the healthiest way to smoke cannabis because with a bong, you’re not directly inhaling the smoke into your lungs like you normally would with a joint because the water in the bong diffuses the smoke.

Bongs also help filter out harmful carcinogens from the cannabis that you would normally inhale directly if you were smoking a joint or a pipe. Another benefit is that the water filtration system within the bong helps cool down the smoke just before you inhale, which makes it easier on your lungs and throat.

Simply put, a glass bong hits better. And we’ve listed three reasons to support this notion:

1. Better filtration = smoother and stronger hits

Using a bong can’t technically eliminate all harmful carcinogens but it can reduce the amount of toxins going into your lungs when you smoke as it goes through a layer of water filtration.

You will have probably noticed that the water in the bong turns brown after you smoke. This happens because the water helps filter out the tar. It is important to note however that you should regularly clean out the water whenever it turns brown. Smoking through tar-infested water can significantly damage your cannabis concentrates and ruin the overall experience.

Newer bongs have been introduced that feature ice catchers that allow you to add ice cubes into the neck of the bong. When you inhale, the smoke goes through the ice which cools it down for a more pleasant hit rather than a burning sensation rushing down your throat.

2. Lower chances of molding

The water in the bong traps bacteria and mold, reducing the number of microbes being inhaled.
Cannabis users can be prone to illness from passing around joints and bongs but with bongs, any foreign bacteria gets filtered through the water, saving it from entering your lungs.

3. Easy to clean

Bongs come in different kinds and in different materials – sometimes plastic but mostly glass but in some rare cases, wood. Glass has proven to be the best material out of all – why? Glass can be cleaned very easily. Bongs are made from borosilicate glass and since glass in general is non-porous in nature, you need not worry about possible lingering residuals like you would with bongs made from anything other than glass.

It’s always good to know how to clean your bong the right way. Keeping your bong clean makes for a stronger hit and better session the next time you want to use it.

To summarise, the benefits to using a bong are so unique that they are almost completely exclusive to the bong. You get the best out of your smoking experience without worrying about the nastiness of lingering bacteria or an unpleasant burning sensation at the back of your throat – but in order to have a care-free session, don’t forget to keep your bong absolutely clean.

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