CBD Gummies and Recommended Dose

 CBD Gummies and Recommended Dose

CBD gummies

The legalization of cannabis in Washington State has provided fertile ground for product innovation over the past decade. Not only are we seeing more edible options than ever, but they are also available in a myriad of strengths, flavors, and forms. It’s easy to see why they’ve become so popular, CBD gummies and fruit chews in particular. They are a convenient, tasty choice for those seeking relief from various aches and pains through medical cannabis. Whether you’re seeking to alleviate chronic pain or simply aid relaxation after a stressful day, IX has several choices to select from.

But Do They Contain THC?

Yes. Washington-licensed cannabis dispensaries like IX offer CBD products that include some percentage of THC, the naturally occurring beneficial compound found in the cannabis plant. The presence of THC in CBD products enhances the health benefits of CBD, including relief from serious, chronic pain.

New to CBD Gummies? Notes on Recommended Dosing

You’ll hear us say “start low and go slow” a lot when referring to trying a new cannabis product for the first time. This is a good philosophy when approaching edibles initially. If you’re unsure or nervous about the effects the cannabis may have, start by dividing the piece into 2 or 4 smaller pieces, waiting a couple of hours between doses. It can take 30 minutes to 2 hours to begin to feel the effects of CBD gummies.

Where to buy CBD gummies?

IX offers a wide range of CBD gummies at the best prices. Energize your day with our Broad Spectrum CBD Gummies. Our Zero THC and Broad Spectrum Energy CBD gummies are meant to be enjoyed as a morning booster or to help alleviate your afternoon slump. Visit the site for more information.

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