How to choose the best seeds for your Cannabis

 How to choose the best seeds for your Cannabis

If you are a consumer of cannabis, then you will realise the importance of good breed and good seed. A key to good cannabis is the right amount of care for the plant and also the choice of good fertile seeds. To help you understand about these seeds here are some tips.

With any type of garden, the gardener always tries to maximize the yield. Many cannabis growers are turning to auto-flowering strains because of the wide range of benefits they can provide. But there is an overriding stigma that their lower height yields less yields. Like many “myths” about cannabis, this is partially true. However, with advances in genetics and cultivation techniques, growing high yielding auto-flowering plants is more feasible than ever before.

A small guide to healthy seeds

Not all genetics are treated equally. Like everything in life, there are premium breeders as well as dingy knock-off breeders. Even from strain to strain, the weight of the plants will vary. So it’s important to choose your seeds wisely. Starting your flowering journey automatically with your right foot is the first step to maximizing your yield.

You conduct research on a selected variety. As with selecting a strain for its high THC levels, perfect taste or effect, you’ll be choosing from genes that are known to have high autoflower yields and are the best cannabis seeds. But don’t worry, it won’t limit your options.

Another key feature of autoflowering genetics is their short life cycle. This allows growers to change harvests quickly, which can be maximized by thinking ahead. Especially regarding your container or pot. Due to their shorter life cycle, autoflowering strains are more prone to stress, which can affect overall growth. So, to maximize your yields and ensure a healthy and happy life, start with the last pot first. This will avoid overdoing it later, which will create unnecessary stress that you are trying to avoid.

What kind of Pot to choose for you plant

It’s also best to choose the type you plan to use wisely. To start with the size, bigger pots means bigger roots. Which means you should buy best and cannabis seeds which have the strong foundation it needs to grow better, and more, it can. This also applies to hydroponics. Make sure your setup is suitable for the final size you expect your plant to be. For traditional systems, a 15-20 liter pot is best.

Regarding the material or type of pots, air or fabric pots are ideal for high-yield autoflowering crops. Since the material is aerated, this promotes maximum drainage that aids in optimal watering and avoids over-watering problems that can arise. Again, healthy and happy roots lead to maximum growth. So starting with a growing medium that promotes nutrient uptake is definitely ideal. For this, aerated, hydroponic or other media are recommended. Light or airy soils promote an optimal environment that encourages a stronger root system than others.

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