Potential CBD Benefits for Seniors

 Potential CBD Benefits for Seniors

CBD has begun to receive much more mainstream attention, let’s begin to look at some examples in which it can best help adults and seniors.

We will be looking at things such as the treatment of specific diseases such as glaucoma, and conditions such as Insomnia whilst also considering a broader approach with things such as pain relief.

Let’s begin to explore this in a greater depth.

Combatting Specific Problems/Conditions


Glaucoma is a neurodegenerative disease that can severely negatively affect the sight of its victims. Glaucoma can be an extremely horrible condition, and it can also be genetic, meaning there may be no sure-fire way to avoid it, however, there is a growth in research supporting the idea that this can be extremely helpful in areas such as treating conditions such as these. The evidence that is being put forward at the moment is that CBD can significantly reduce some of the problems that can lead to this condition. Whilst it is important to specialise dosages dependant on patients, this should be heavily considered an area of growing research that one day could see more application in the medical field!


There has also been a beneficial correlation between sleep and CBD use. Research has begun to demonstrate how CBD is becoming much better at extending phases of sleep known as ‘deep sleep’, which is an intense level of sleep. As we grow older however, this becomes increasingly difficult to implement, and this where a lot of people turn to medications to help. However, this beneficial application can be extremely useful in helping improve this, and current research is still discovering a variety of new things about this beneficial phenomenon.

General Evidence for Pain Relief

However, now we can also zoom out from specific medical conditions to consider more general things such as pain, and the role that CBD has in supporting this. CBD has been known for a while to help reduce pain in a variety of areas, whether that be in places such as joints to ease arthritis, or other areas. Therefore, CBD is a multi-purpose chemical and is therefore extremely useful in easing a variety of conditions, not only the ones listed in depth above.

Therefore, whilst it extremely important to consider the specific ailments that CBD can help ease, it is also important to consider the general benefits that it is able to provide to help support a variety of conditions such as arthritis, reducing the chances that these develop into worser conditions. However, when we consider specific conditions such as glaucoma, we can see that there is a variety of evidence to suggest that CBD is extremely useful in helping alleviate certain ailments that contribute to these conditions. Despite the need for more research to be conducted, it is important to consider the extremely beneficial application of this in the medical field, and we can almost be certain that even more research will be found to find out that helps for a variety of other things as well, such as the application of THC free CBD oil.



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