What Are THCa Diamonds & How To Smoke THCa Diamonds?

THCa Diamonds

The Most Potent Form of THC (THC-A Diamonds)

Yes, most of us have tried a lot of edibles, quads, extracts & more. However, many of us think that’s the highest we can get from weed. Nope! Say hello to our THC-A diamonds! THC-A diamonds are the purest and most potent form of THC.

How do THC-A diamonds look?

THC-A diamonds have a look that often gives everyone a second thought before purchasing. Often mistaken for something else, but completely made out of THC! Ever wondered what weed diamonds were? THC-A diamonds is the legitimate term for “weed diamonds.” They are clear crystals or crystals with a yellow tint.

These beautiful crystals are what gives its name. These crystals are made up of 99.9% THC!

How are THC-A diamonds consumed?

Many consumers suggest smoking, vaping or dabbing THC-A diamonds. THC-A diamonds should only be consumed by users with a high tolerance for THC. Just because you have a high tolerance for THC edibles, doesn’t mean you’ll have a high tolerance for THC-A diamonds. Many people say “it feels like the first time I smoked weed.” Why? Because THC-A diamonds are hella potent!

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